Jim Duhart – UHL – Danbury Trashers ’04 – ‘05

Jim Duhart – UHL – Danbury Trashers ’04 – ‘05

DSCF0004Duhart was a prolific hockey player who led the United Hockey League in scoring for the ’03-’04 season.    He also led the UHL in number of games played.    He was #2 in the UHL for penalty minutes. In addition, Duhart was one of the colorful characters

DSCF0001That made watching those UHL games so great.   Not really a tough guy, but ever the instigating pest, who would drop the gloves in a pinch.




DSCF0003When my wife yelled “Hey Duhart, you suck!!” from the front row at a Quad City Mallards vs. Danbury Trashers game, he turned to her, slowly smiled, and calmly made an obscene facial gesture.

Truly a player who was loved if he was on your team, or hated if he played for the other guys.   He put the ass in class.

DSCF0002This jersey is an Athletic Knit size XXL from the ’04-’05 inaugural season, and was obtained by a fellow collector who purchased it directly from Duhart.    It is my understanding that Duhart had obtaining his jerseys as a condition of his contract with the Trashers.

Customized in typical Duhart fashion are the sleeves, which have been shortened, with elastic sewn in the hems, to allow the sleeves to stay over the elbows…if needed for an emergency altercation.

This jerseys shows decent game wear to include board burns and scattered stick and puck marks.

Duhart was an Assistant Captain….for a time.   This jersey shows evidence of the “A” patch being quickly and forcibly removed.

Duhart was traded to the Flint Generals 16-games through the season.    This article indicates that the Trashers suspended him:


Duhart was one of the very few hockey players to receive a Grand Jury subpoena about salary cap shenanigans related to the former owners racketeering investigation.

Mr. Duhart is lucky not to be wearing cement shoes! $ 950.00