Frank “The Animal” Bialowas – UHL – Danbury Trashers ’04 – ‘05

Frank “The Animal” Bialowas—UHL—Danbury Trashers ’04-‘05

DSCF0009This guy was something! He had 78-PIMS in 5-games with zero points with the Danbury Trashers. Now you see why he’s known as “The Animal”? If not, this video proves it!

DSCF0010The jersey has plenty of authentic wear including a torn and popped collar, multiple puck and stick marks, several board burns on the right sleeve and heavy pilling on the inside front.

DSCF0006This jersey was obtained from the team’s Equipment Manager following the ’04-’05 season prior to the team folding.

Why did the Danbury Trashers fold, you ask? Please read this passage from Wikipedia:

DSCF0007During their first season, the Danbury Trashers set the UHL record for PIMS. I was in the QC then and was close with some of the front office staff. When the Trashers came to town, they told me that the QC players just wanted to get through these games without injuries from fights with the Trashers’ players. And, QC had some great fighters on their team. Geesh!

DSCF0008Hockey history here.

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